[Comfort Zone] Body Strategist Thermogenic Attack Cellulite Treatment

An intensive treatment with thermogenic action, for profound and resistant cellulite imperfections.  Helps reduce the typical signs of cellulite, improves the microcirculation, and thanks to the stimulation of lipolysis, promotes the remodelling of the body.



It helps to give the silhouette a redefined appearance



Suitable in case of resistant cellulite with localized adipose tissue. Unsuitable to pregnant or breastfeeding women and in case of thyroid problems.



Price:  R690 per treatment

[Comfort Zone] Body Stategist Aromatherapy Wrap Cellulite Treatment

An intensive treatment based on essential oils to fight cellulite imperfections caused by a weakening of the microcirculation and stagnation of the interstitial fluids.  An immediate sensation of lightness and the reactivation of the legs identifies the efficacy of the treatment. 


Suitable for all types of cellulite and is ideal to begin anti-cellulite treatment cycles with this Aromatherapy Treatment.


It immediately gives a feeling of lightness

Improves the microcirculation

Reduces swelling of the legs

Stimulates lipolytic activity



Suitable for edematous cellulite and to begin a cosmetic treatment cycle. Unsuitable to pregnant women.



Price:   R690 per treatment

[Comfort Zone] Body Strategist Bagni di Pisa Thermal Mud Cellulite Treatment

An intensive treatment with thermal water from Bagni di Pisa, with detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions. A blend of essential oils encourages a profound purification of the tissues, while the fucus and laminaria algae promote lipolytic action.





It improves the appearance of cellulite visible signs

Stimulates lipolysis

Drains the tissues



For all cellulite types. Unsuitable to pregnant or breastfeeding women and in case of thyroid problems.



PRICE:    R690 per treatment

[Comfort Zone] Body Strategist Algae Peel-Off Cellulite Treatment

Marine treatment based on alginates and laminaria algae.  Stimulates lipolysis, remineralizes and moisturizes the tissues, leaving the body remodelled and toned.



It improves the skin tone and appearance

Activates Lipolysis

Improves microcirculation



Suitable in a case of adipose and localized cellulite and for all cellulite types. Unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and in a case of thyroid problems.



PRICE:    R690 per treatment

[Comfort Zone] Body Strategist Firming Nutritional Body Mask Toning Treatment

A replenishing treatment bestowing perfect tone, elasticity and restoring moisture balance to the skin, leaving it soft, silky and compact.


Recommended for absolutely everyone.  A sensorial cocooning experience and the perfect body treatment for soft, elasticised skin.  Ideal for skins which are dry and depleted and as a post-sun treatment.  Safe and effective during pregnancy.



It improves skin elasticity
It can be used in case of stretch marks

Nourished, compact tissues

A sensation of protection and renewal



Ideal for dry and undernourished skins, also as an aftersun treatment. Suitable also new mothers and pregnant women*.

* After medical consultation



PRICE:    R690 per treatment

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